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Health Systems Strengthening

Acute and Critical care Projects

The main focus of our work centers on improving recognition and management of acutely unwell patients, and their journey through acute and critical care. These projects extend into surgery and acute medicine, the impact of infectious diseases including dengue, non-communicable diseases including heart disease and renal disease, and on patients’ quality-of-life following critical care.

We have opportunities for the development of research, data acquisition, surveillance, quality improvement and public engagement in the following areas:

    • Acute and Critical care
    • Perioperative medicine
    • Critical care risk stratification and prognostic modelling
    • Service provision and planning
    • Patient experience and public engagement
    • Quality of life and quality of recovery
    • Emergency obstetric care
    • Sepsis and complications following major general and vascular surgery
    • Clinical decision making and team performance
    • Health informatics
  • Mobile technology and user experience

Non-communicable disease and community based research projects

Renal Disease

Our active community and hospital based projects in working with patients with renal and cardiovascular disease nationally provide opportunities for research in:

    • The role of registries in service provision and supporting inequalities in primary care, health prevention and treatment interventions for non communicable disease
    • The socio economic impact of chronic renal disease for patients, families and the community
    • Dialysis and renal transplantation
  • Quality of life and symptom management for patients with chronic renal disease and diabetes

Mental Health

Our community based Mental health collaboration with the northern province is a pioneering programme using mobile technology to support community workers caring for communities with limited access to mental health services. Opportunities for research in:

    • Non -communicable diseases and mental health
    • Social and economic influences on health and well being
  • Improving access to and communication between community and tertiary healthcare

Rabies Prevention

In collaboration with the Rabies prevention unit we work to improve information regarding rabies incidence and patients access to and completion of post exposure treatment.